What is Coulée Life?


If you think of the Canadian prairies, you might think ‘dry, flat, windy’, and you’d be right if it weren’t for the deep ravines leading down to the river valleys. These ‘coulees’ as they’re called in southern Alberta are like folds in the flat top of the prairie and serve as both our scenery and our recreation — a refuge for animals, cyclists, runners, bird-watchers and dog-walkers.

And, like most things, coulée sounds prettier in French. It comes from couler, ‘to flow’. See how much nicer that is than ‘dry gulch’? Coulée life is my attempt to document the flow of an ordinary life with extraordinary attention to the delightful bits…and just a little wistful embellishment. Thank you so much for being here right from the beginning.

Zander & Jax (my grandsons)