Julie Deimert

IMG_0927I’ve always loved stories: reading them, telling them (often with some embellishment and always too many details), listening to them (preferably over delicious food & drink), writing them, and watching them on screen (mostly small these days thanks to Netflix!). I’m also the only person who really wants to see your holiday photos. Several years ago (haha), that meant perching beside you on the couch while you pried apart the photo album pages, or gathering with friends for a slide show and not the kind you view on a flatscreen television either but with an old timey carousel while someone narrated over the whirring of the projector’s fan…don’t worry about it.

We’re here now, and we can share our stories with the click of a button (okay, a few thousand keystrokes). Which is what I’m going to do on this site. With a 2012 MA in Communications and some freelance journalism experience, including a former monthly column in Lethbridge’s Bridge Magazine, I’d like to invite you to my ongoing ‘slide show’. Not that this is a one-woman show by any means. Contributing to each of the main topics [play, art (TV is art, right?), home design, travel, outdoors, food] are the inspiring people in my life whose fb posts almost always make me jealous. Kidding! But seriously, starting with Carolyn Geddert, photographer, extreme hiker, coulee-lover, and all-round ‘life-siezer’.