Indoor snowplay

On a Sunday afternoon when we were all feeling a little under the weather and didn’t want to brave the cold (or wrestle on snow gear) — we decided to bring the snow inside. Zander and I had been waiting for ages for the temperature to rise so that the snow would get sticky enough for snowballs, and it was time to take things into our own hands.

This turned out to be an engaging 1/2 hour activity (just right for 3 & 4 year-olds) with few materials, prep or cleanup! First thing I did was go outside to collect a bowl of snow. Then we waited for it to warm up a bit and become ‘snowball ready’. (Next time, I’d include a science thermometer so that we could actually see the snow’s temperature rising and measure the temperature in different areas.) We soon discovered that we needed to spread the snow out in a shallow container so that the melting was more evenly distributed. Then it was time to form snowballs and add the mini snowman fixin’s: mini carrots, toothpicks and raisins. Admittedly, with his oversized eyes — our snowman took on a bit of an ‘alien’ appearance! Also, because of the warm indoor temperature, the snowballs soon became ice balls and we needed to use the toothpicks to attach features.

Then it was a quick transport outside before he melted! With the rest of the snow, Zander enjoyed experimenting with food coloring to mix colors. As always he started off with green (favourite color), eventually adding all the colors we had to create quite the mosaic.

Might be fun to make edible snowcones next time!

And, while I was playing with snow indoorsCarolyn was outside on an ice-climbing expedition! Her story coming soon to our ‘Explore’ series. Stay tuned!




Indoor snowplay

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