Mr. Carson & Mrs. Hughes forever


PBS Masterpiece

Did you catch the first episode of Downton Abbey’s final season? All I can say is that those writers know what they’re doing with this long slow road to romance. I mean, I have to admit that I was a reluctant, even agnostic, DA viewer to start. But the whole lot of them (except Anna & Bates, those two are tiresome) have slowly won me over. And they couldn’t be culminating the series on a sweeter note! I’m guessing that’s where we’re headed, right? A wedding finalé?

PBS Masterpiece

I just hope the writers don’t torture us too much on the way, because I simply shan’t bear it if something goes seriously amiss with those two. However, ‘arrangement’ jitters on the part of Mrs. Hughes was deliciously tolerable and also quite touching. More of that sort of tension, please. And no unexpected car crashes.

PBS Masterpiece

And, oh my — Mr. Carson’s very unvulgar pronouncement! But seriously, those exchanges between the characters of Carson and Hughes, even via Mrs. Patmore, conveyed more emotional intimacy than is often seen on television.

PBS Masterpiece

So, unless I’m way off base — I’d say we’re in for at least one more wedding. And what about the others? Mary? Edith? Daisy? Mrs.Patmore? Thomas? Isobel?

More tragic accidents? Again, I simply couldn’t bear it.

What are your predictions? I’d love to hear. Unless you’ve got some sort of inside track, and then you should keep that to yourself.

Let’s stay tuned….




Mr. Carson & Mrs. Hughes forever

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