Lucas & Grampa in the woodshop


Woodworking play begins for Lucas with one block, a hammer and a nail. At 14 months, Lucas is very interested in handling the tools Grampa uses.


This led to lots of pretend play. Following Grampa’s example, Lucas focuses in on the end of a table leg needing repair.


Continually building on previous experiences, we nailed, screwed and bolted many materials. (Below, styrofoam and wood planks are the materials of choice.) And always with real hammers, screwdrivers and ratchets. No plastic play ‘tools’.


In the summer, Grampa Bri set up an outdoor woodworking area. Rest assured, all the tools are carefully and closely supervised. And the process of using tools for working and creating is always modelled and supported.


What a satisfying moment for Lucas when he got to apply his woodworking skills and help Grampa with a real project…a ‘capstone’ project if you will… nailing fence cap into place!


Lucas is gaining confidence as a junior carpenter!


Lucas & Grampa in the woodshop

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