New Year’s Eve & a first anniversary


New Year’s Eve 2015

Today marks not only the end of 2015 but it was also 1 year ago today that Henry came to live with me from Windy City Canine Rescue. By the way, I was very impressed with this organization’s thorough adoption process, as well as their ‘trial period’ for cautious adopters like me. However, after less than 24 hrs I knew that Henry would be staying for good.

New Year’s Eve 2014 – Henry’s a little nervous about his new home

In case you’re wondering, Henry is an unusual mix: border collie & shih tzu. I still don’t know the respective breeds of Henry’s mother and father, but either way you think about it (and I’d recommend not thinking about it too much) — it seems logistically daunting! But damn if that cross doesn’t make for an adorable little dog who, with those short shih tzu legs, is like the ‘forever puppy’. Even better — minimal shedding! Not that he didn’t come with at least one vice: chasing cars. This meant that wherever we went for the first month or so, even the off-leash park (we learned the hard way and thank goodness for the snow fence along Scenic Drive) – he had to stay on a lead.

Winter 2014

Well, they say that it takes a village to raise a child, and you could almost say the same about a dog. Henry’s ‘village’ has come to include the wonderful folks at Pet City, a dog daycare with ample indoor and outdoor play space, flexible booking, and caring attendants who sometimes even throw in a free bath for ‘low-riders’ like Henry. Henry also has a ‘spa day’ every couple of months at Hair of the K9. This is an awesome pet grooming service where rather than being kennelled before and after their turns — the dogs here are free to roam the space and  play with their ‘spa mates’ (usually a group of 5 or 6). They even get play breaks in the back yard.


One of the main reasons that I wanted to get a dog was for some extra motivation to get outside every day. Mission accomplished! (Also, you might notice — no more leash!) More than any exercise class or walking regimen — there’s nothing like a dog staring you down until you get off the couch and put on your runners….or rain gear…or snow boots. Having Henry has also meant much more exploring in the coulées and discovering new trails.

And when we’re not out on the trails, Henry is great company around the house.

Happy adoption anniversary Henry!


New Year’s Eve & a first anniversary

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