Today’s ‘Modern Family’ Rescue



Performing ‘rescues’ has become a thing in our family and is Zander’s favourite activity when he plays at my house. So much so that when our friendly children’s librarian asked Zander what he’d done over the summer — Zander replied, “Mostly rescues.” In case you’re wondering, playing ‘rescues’ means taking a toy figure and putting it in harm’s way (dangling from a high ledge, buried under a pile of blocks, trapped inside a vehicle which is about to burst into flames..the flames we just imagine…there are never real fires involved).


And, to begin with — it was a fairly modest rescue team: one burly (and bendy) construction worker with semi-opposable thumbs, his wheelbarrow & shovel, and a small fleet of vehicles. But that was six months ago.


Today’s ‘rescues’ are more complicated, involving multiple threats (avalanches, explosions, hypothermia, animal attacks, stomach-aches, unfriendly dinosaurs, etc.) and requiring specialized equipment,including a rescue plane that Zander and I made from toilet paper rolls and egg cartons (obviously). Attached to the bottom is a rescue line and hook for lifting toy figures out of their fixes. With our scenarios becoming more complex, it was time to add to our pool of would-be ‘victims’. Enter Hape‘s ‘Modern Family’:


At about 4 inches tall with posable limbs and sturdy wooden noggins, they’re perfectly suited for the kinds of misadventures we like to stage around here. And, while I’m not thrilled with ‘Gramma’s’ frumpy bun and apron — Zander seems quite taken with the idea of involving grandparents in the ‘troubles’. First up is an ill-fated bus tour for the hapless family.

Zander puts on a reassuring (fake) smile as though the ‘Hapes’ are not about to get lost in a cave and almost eaten by bears.

Here they are about to enter the ‘cave’:


Luckily for the Hapes, a helicopter is quickly dispatched, along with a medic who scans ‘Granny’s’ body for broken bones (just a sprain). This is after a stegosaurus (friendly!) knocks away the cave walls to free this family with obvious issues around navigation (couldn’t find their way out of a cave with one entrance) and ‘disequilibrium’ (difficulties standing).



The boys, ours named Toby and Peter, seem exceptionally well-suited for future mishaps, distracted as they are by their ear-buds. Toby here wandered off from the rest and fell into a crevasse.


Any ideas for the Hapes’ next misadventure?




Today’s ‘Modern Family’ Rescue

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