Night Walks

by Julie Deimert


When it comes to spending time with preschoolers, it’s often the simplest things that turn out to be the most fun. Like going for walks after dark! (On Cup of Jo, Joanna Goddard describes her ‘slow parenting’ approach to walking with preschoolers, something she calls  Penny Walks.) For a two-year-old like Jax, just operating a flashlight is fun in itself. But for Zander (almost 4) — it was even more of an adventure than I was expecting. As we stepped off the front porch he said, “We’re looking for bears, right?”


After checking out one of the gaudiest Christmas displays in our city, which just happens to be down the street and which the boys obviously love — we headed down the other way to look for cats, raccoons, and owls, and the rest of the nocturnal creatures Divya Srinivasan describes in Little Owl’s Night.


And even though I’d assured Zander there were no bears in the city — he made sure he stayed close to his little brother. To be honest, I’m not sure who was protecting whom!

Night Walks

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