My Triple Crown – Part 3


by Carolyn Geddert


While the elevation gain on this hike is only 2132ft, it is achieved in just 8km, making for a steep opening climb and a longer 10km descent. This time there were nine of us, and I was especially thrilled to have Julie along. We have had coulee walks together, but never a mountain hike. I assured her I was as afraid of heights as she, but this one was not a big deal…I’m still apologizing.


Towering Spruce , Poplar and alpine flowers line your path up to Summit Lake. You then begin a harder ascent, and as you get higher the trees become stunted and then not at all. The wind was blowing but not enough to keep some of us off the top bluff for a worthy panoramic view of foothills on one side and turquoise alpine lakes on the other.


It is all downhill from the ridge but not downhill in beauty with a series of small lakes and waterfalls surrounded by twisted spruce trees. Beyond the lakes is the towering Alderson mountain, and then 7 km of trail through forest takes you  back to Cameron falls in the townsite of Waterton.




Alderson/Carthew stamp and my name on the glory board in Pearl’s restaurant . Even more rewarding..I was given a thick felt marker to write my name on the board~ not a pen like everyone else. So, y’know, it kinda stands out, but you’ll have to visit Pearl’s  to see for yourself!


My Triple Crown – Part 3

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